TripAdvisor Insider – July 2016


It has been a wonderful summer month here on the island of Oahu filled with lots of excitement and adventures with our visitors. As of today, Hawaii Turtle Tours has 611 excellent Tripadvisor reviews. We thank you all for your feedback and for sharing your experience on our TripAdvisor page. …

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TripAdvisor Insider – June 2016


Summer is here and we at Hawaii Turtle Tours are ready to make your summer vacation an unforgettable experience! Join us for a memorable Oahu tour where you will see top island attractions, learn about the culture and history of Oahu and … of course swim with Hawaiian turtles! As …

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TripAdvisor Insider – April 2016


March was absolutely a great month and we at Hawaii Turtle Tours had an amazing time with our visitors. Thank you Brittany, Andrew, Tara, Dona, Lee and everyone else for joining our Oahu tour and sharing your experience about it on our TripAdvisor page. As of today, Hawaii Turtle Tours …

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TripAdvisor Insider – March 2016


This is our TripAdvisor Insider monthly review where we take a look at our TripAdvisor page and the feedback our visitors have left for us. As of today, Hawaii Turtle Tours is rated “excellent” by 493 travelers and below we share some of our most recent feedback with you. Thank …

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